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Create a solid foundation of Front-end development and start working on the visual

and interactive element of the website

$150 / ₹10500 for 6 Months

Courses Included

About Trainer

Mr. Sandeep Soni, CEO of Deccansoft has been imparting since 1997 and over technology training to various sections of the student cummunity.



Take the step to be a web developer

Latest UI Technologies

Confidence in Web Development

Become a UI Developer

Upgrade to HTML5 and CSS3

Latest Front-end Frameworks

Job Readiness

Job Readiness

Who Should Learn?

This Package is suitable for anyone who wants to -
  • Learn UI from scratch and become a UI Designer

  • Get a knack of all the UI Technologies from HTML5 and CSS3, till Angular7.

  • Get a Job in UI Design / Web Development easily.

  • Learn all the UI Technologies in a single package.

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Arun George
Arun George

I don't have to say anything but the Deccansoft itself has got something great. Either it is Azure or Ms.Net Deccansoft is the best place to learn. The faculty and material they provide preparation for the interviews and you didn't have go to any textbooks. The learning curves used by the faculty make everyone ready for the software companies.

Sana Dhanani
Sana Dhanani

Upgrading to Cloud was a good decision I made. I was working as a .NET Developer, however I realised that adding Cloud skills would improve my skill-set and attract career opportunites. So I took the Cloud Computing Package at, and I recently passed AZ-203 Exam, thanks to Mr. Sandeep Soni's Azure training.

Himanshu Choudhary
Himanshu Choudhary

Hello, I come from a non-IT background but I was always interested to learn programming. Mr. Sandeep Soni's software training courses helped me achieve my dream as a .Net Developer. He has an interesting style of training, unlike others with monotonous tone. I had a great learning experience here..


I have come to BestDotNetTraining with zero programming language knowledge. I have taken an MS.NET Foundation for Beginners Course here and after completing the course, I am able to develop real-time projects. I am extremely satisfied with the course pattern.

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